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Sushi for Coffs Harbour schools

Bringing fresh and healthy food to your school

Coffs Harbour’s Sushi Roll Express has a selection of sushi rolls available at wholesale prices that make the perfect addition to your canteen menu. 

Our local team work hard to bring schools the most delicious, refreshing and freshly made lunch options.

Worried about dietary requirements? We can cater for gluten free and vegan needs. 

Why choose Sushi?


Sushi is a delicious and nutritious option that both staff and students will love. The seaweed wrapping is rich in vitamin A, iodine and full of other minerals and vitamins. And that’s just the wrapping.


Our sushi rolls are a convenient meal option for everyone. You don’t need any utensils to eat it and there’s no need to heat, making it great for those in the canteen too!

Meetings and events

Need something light and easy to eat at your teacher meetings or events? We can supply you with a variety of platters. Check out our catering page for more info.

Delivered fresh to your school

Keeping students and staff happy

Every roll is made fresh and delivered to you within hours of being made. We bring your order to you so you can concecntrate your time in the canteen. Helping to keep everyone happy and healthy.

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